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Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

5 days 6 hours ago

Incoming simfiles in the pipeline... 😀

Fairouz Ai, Ishikawa Kaito - Onegai Muscle (Anime Size) [Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru? OP]
Ishikawa Kaito - Macho a Name? (Anime Size) [Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru? ED]
Spira Spica - Iyayo Iyayo mo Suki no Uchi! (Anime Size) [Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Nikai Kougeki no Okaasan wa Suki Desuka? OP]
Kayano Ai - Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Nikai Kougeki Mama (Anime Size) [Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Nikai Kougeki no Okaasan wa Suki Desuka? ED]

Soon 😀

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

5 days 19 hours ago

Dame wa Dame / ダメハダメ
Suzuki Minori / 鈴木みのり
Tejina Senpai ED
/ 手品先輩 ED(2019)

Duration: 0:58

BPM: 182

:begstep: 13 MSD + 10 (553 [9.40])
:easystep: 5 (95 [1.61])
:medstep: 8 (185 [3.14])
:hardstep: 11 (260 [4.42])
:chlgstep: 16 (364 [6.19])

Download (20.8 MB):

Summer 2019 Pack

Someone pointed out where is the ED theme, since I am already planned for the OP theme... Here it is... Dame wa Dame oh boy what a song too... ahhh.

uhhh reach my time limit today... gotta sleep. Ah Work day.

Everyone have a good week! Enjoy the last days of Summer or Winter... 3/3

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

6 days 1 hour ago

Tejina Senpai OP
/ 手品先輩 OP(2019)

Duration: 0:58

BPM: 140-154 (2 Changes)

:begstep: 14 MSD + 10 (529 [9.02])
:easystep: 4 (63 [1.07])
:medstep: 7 (141 [2.40])
:hardstep: 10 (236 [4.02])
:chlgstep: 16 (366 [6.24])

Download (19.0 MB):

Summer 2019 Pack

Pretty fun, hilarious and sometimes lewd/fanservice-y yeah good stuff... OP is hip good upbeat stuff... oh yeah... I got thrown off with a small BPM change mid-way, good thing I spotted it otherwise it will be so offsync on the second part of the song hahah.

uhhh reach my time limit today... gotta sleep.

Everyone have a good week! Enjoy the last days of Summer or Winter... 2/3

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

6 days 7 hours ago

Dr.STONE ED (2019)

Duration: 1:26

BPM: 93

:begstep: 11 MSD + 10 (627 [7.28])
:easystep: 3 (75 [0.87])
:medstep: 5 (151 [1.75])
:hardstep: 9 (302 [3.51])
:chlgstep: 13 (440 [5.11])

Download (30.9 MB):

Summer 2019 Pack

LIFE yo. Pretty awesome ED theme. refreshing hiphopping/rap-ish/guitar strumming acoustics... mmm good stuff...

uhhh reach my time limit today...

Everyone have a good week! Enjoy the last days of Summer or Winter... 1/3

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

6 days 22 hours ago

Good Morning World!
Dr.STONE OP (2019)

Duration: 1:32

BPM: 96-191 (4 Changes)

:begstep: 16 MSD + 10 (859 [9.29])
:easystep: 4 (132 [1.43])
:medstep: 7 (231 [2.50])
:hardstep: 11 (389 [4.20])
:chlgstep: 16 (576 [6.23])

Download (27.6 MB):!

Summer 2019 Pack

Well then... newest shounen shows... man along with Kimetsu no Yaiba pretty good year, for shounen shows huh...

I remember someone requested this, I am like iffy and I didn't like the vocals much...
I still don't like the vocals much, I see the karaoke lyrics some parts like errmmm doesn't really match much on the romanji,
but oh well the non-vocals are 🙂 good. Enough to make it especially the anime is really informative and yeah go watch it 😀

Uhh think this might be highest rated KB Chart I made so far this pack but not this year though, mmm I dunno what song takes that title... 😀
ED theme soon! LIFE yo.

Have fun everyone... 2/2

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

1 week 3 hours ago

Zero Centimeter / ゼロセンチメートル
Oohara Yuiko / 大原ゆい子
Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2 OP
/ からかい上手の高木さん2 OP (2019)

Duration: 1:28

BPM: 154

:begstep: 11 MSD + 10 (645 [7.28])
:easystep: 4 (109 [1.23])
:medstep: 7 (208 [2.35])
:hardstep: 9 (316 [3.57])
:chlgstep: 13 (451 [5.09])

Download (25.4 MB):

Summer 2019 Pack

I love this anime... so jealous how Nishikata is getting the treatment... from Takagi-san... uhhhh I'll just stop there 😀 I hope they go as far where when they are grown up and they have their kid as the successor 😀 Moto Karakai series YAY.

I think need to revise the KB more so I'll update that later... not Consistent with some piano sections... you'll see I guess?

Have fun everyone... 1/2

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

1 week 5 days ago

Alright got some things done... file-basing yeeee... So much work to do...

i☆Ris - FANTASTIC ILLUSION (Anime Size) [Tejina Senpai OP]

BURNOUT SYNDROMES - Good Morning World! (Anime Size) [Dr.Stone OP]
Rude-α - LIFE (Anime Size) [Dr.Stone ED]

Oohara Yuiko - Zero Centimeter (Anime Size) [Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2 OP]

Planning what I can do for the next simfiles for this upcoming end of this Summer Season... These what I can get done today, with no work on stepping.

- - - - * * * * * - - - -

フレデリック - オドループ [oddloop]
CHiCO with HoneyWorks - ツインズ [私を染めるIの歌]

These will be iffy to do... but yah... Fulfilling the old request... ;D

Added a collage of jackets... a bit of boredom in here 😀 ok sleeping for work now enjoy you days all. look forward what I going release next few weeks? ehh.

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

1 week 6 days ago

Daisuki。 / ダイスキ。
Oohashi Ayaka / 大橋彩香
Kawaikereba Hentai demo Suki ni Natte Kuremasu ka? OP
/ 可愛ければ変態でも好きになってくれますか? OP (2019)

Duration: 1:28

BPM: 138

:begstep: 13 MSD + 10 (746 [8.43])
:easystep: 4 (111 [1.25])
:medstep: 7 (209 [2.36])
:hardstep: 9 (326 [3.68])
:chlgstep: 14 (518 [5.85])

Download (26.5 MB):

Summer 2019 Pack

The guilty pleasure Anime this season... it is pretty fun to watch I guess... :embarrassed:
Anyways, the opening theme is ^-^ damn good... I love listening to the Long Version... But sadly I don't do long versions when there is available "official" short/tv size version available... The very rare occasions I might not do what I was said so LMAO.

Rare days I finish and release this on my work days... been working it on my off hours of work aka after work shift is done to this... among other things eat / rest / anime watch / sleep 😀

Alright... need to create more summer 2019 anime songs before this season officially ends in like maybe 3 weeks 😮 oh !@#$ me I won't be done. AHAHA.

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

2 weeks 1 day ago

My Master Song List VIA Google Sheets...

Alright it is finally done... Actually not really... way off from being done...

Enjoy Everyone...

Still some, I mean majority of it, are incomplete especially the steps/rating counts LMAO sigh what can I do over 500 songs...
But the main components are there Download Links, Banner / Jacket, MetaTags like Artist / Song Title / Anime or Source / SongType...

Hopefully I got the time (Mostly, I won't for a while) to input the steps data lol :-\

Will be updating this pretty much every week on new simfiles and data inputting as usual :laugh:

Jubo Simfiles Master Song List - StepMania

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

2 weeks 2 days ago

JUNNA - コノユビトマレ / Kono Yubi Tomare
[賭ケグルイXX / Kakegurui XX OP (2019)]
#StepMania Jubo #simfiles 494 (WTF IS THIS? out of order sort...)
Download here (31.7 MB)

Revamping again to umm what is new in Summer2019... towards my 451-500 pack, yeah!

A response to a request on Reddit: and I know someone made one, brunobg24/badwolf which you can download here: under the video desciption...
In terms of steps, brunobg24's hard+expert is like inbetween my hard+expert but my expert is a bit harder and complex than brunobg24's pretty straight forward patterns... so check that out...

Real reason why I made it.. KBSteps and harder Expert chart? hehehe
or just the song I liked when I was watching Kakegurui XX back then... and missed it and reddit request kinda renewed my interest a bit and now we are here lol Sigh...

Yeah I know I am doing things out of order but my gut interest changes sigh... sorry all for not doing by the chronicle order 🙁 but at least I making steps... Enjoy all...

Also, notice the foot rating is different -.- going by the new rates so errrmmm going to be annoying to sort this out in this pack sigh...
I am planning to do them don't worry it will be done way later now...
I doubt I'll finish this at the end of September 2019 when Summer2019 Anime season ends sigh... WHELP. hehe~!

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

2 weeks 3 days ago

Thanks to your specific people donations...
2 more years of Jubo / Aikyoku / Huzure - Stepmania / Itsugo15 SimfileS (if itsugo gets updated? who knows) and Otaku's Dream - Stepmania downloads and website etc... also means I gotta be with and working StepMania for 2 more years 🤣😸😱 and 2 months paid at least for web server. Thanks your donators, list on my website's wordpress, you know who you are 😀

Also, Happy belated anniversary Otaku's Dream Mix 13yrs old... not so active but still got the peeps on discord...

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

2 weeks 6 days ago

I received another generous donation from someone named, Luke H-W.

I thank you for your contribution (very speechless on it wow~!), and the lovely comment about my simfiles being beginner/novice friendly.
Thanks, one of my goals to get new/old-reborn people into stepmania for years and years, errr its turning to 2 decades now lmao, half-century is next lmao.

Thanks again and to all who donated, I put you all on my wall of special thanks on my wordpress site...
ahh man the requested songs are now piling up hehehe... got more work to do.

Was planning to go AnimeNYC 2019, but the concert tickets sold out so scrapped plans... oh well.
Simfiles in the works? uhhh... will be doing something from previous season so err, hopefully I can kick-start my Cessation 451-500 simfiles soon.

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

3 weeks 1 day ago

Yume Cinderella / ユメシンデレラ
Asakura Momo / 麻倉もも
Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo. ED
/ 荒ぶる季節の乙女どもよ. ED (2019)

Duration: 1:27

BPM: 120

:begstep: 10 MSD + 10 (597 [6.82])
:easystep: 4 (98 [1.12])
:medstep: 6 (179 [2.05])
:hardstep: 8 (282 [3.22])
:chlgstep: 12 (416 [4.75])

Download (28.5 MB):

Summer 2019 Pack

Continuing one of my favourite anime series... The ED theme, very cute/kawaii song... From the VA of Momo interesting... Anyways enjoy, simple song simple bpm.

uhhh I know didn't do much simfile this week, I am back to reality, job working for money LMAO. Also I needed to get another HDD my music hard drive filled up 1.5TBs of it so I bought myself a 8tb HDD, was pretty bothersome to get it for cheap took some days and lost sleep hours but gottem...

But along that cost, its a trend for me once I got new hardware or something needed action for replacement or something... My mechanical keyboard died during making this... ouch and finished the last few charts on a oem Dell Keyboard eeeeeew membrane keycaps so mushy I don't like it but I gotta finish it so... errr problems again. Need a new keyboard. I was on Cherry MX Blue switches loved them but too loud, waking everyone in the house because of that so I am looking for a quiet approach switches... and looking into a Corsair K95 Platinum Cherry MX Browns, let see if that's good 😀

see you soon on another simfile... I wonder what will it be.

Also thanks to suchakre for another donation... Though, I haven't received word from suchakre what was it about but sooner or later I'll know hehe...

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

3 weeks 5 days ago

Aikyoku's Preview Summer 2019 songs 😀

Check out a preview video of what I’m making for Summer Season 2019 plus a couple of bonus songs near the end of the video!
Note that this is still a work in progress and may change in the final version.
Which one are you most excited about?
Hope you all have a good day!

- Aikyoku

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

4 weeks 1 day ago

Otome-domo yo. / 乙女どもよ.
CHiCO with HoneyWorks
Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo. OP
/ 荒ぶる季節の乙女どもよ. OP (2019)

Duration: 1:28

BPM: 172

:begstep: 12 MSD + 10 (712 [8])
:easystep: 3 (76 [0.85])
:medstep: 5 (151 [1.70])
:hardstep: 9 (320 [3.60])
:chlgstep: 13 (474 [5.33])

Download (28.1 MB):

Summer 2019 Pack

This is my favourite new anime series this season... There is so many contenders to take this spot... closest unique series maybe Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru (motivation to go to the gym now HAHA~!) but the most closest out the unique anime series is all "shounen" genre like Enen no Shouboutai, Vinland Saga and Dr. Stone (and ofc the power of compassion king and amazing art Kimetsu no Yaiba, argh why no new OP/ED on summer2019 :'( )... This my most favourite new anime series is just unique... shoujo-ist w/romance, for many years I love this genre... So yes 😀

AraOto ED Theme maybe?... ATM I am eargasmic-ing the OP of HenSuki... The full version is so fun to listen and I am loving the beats... Might jump on that soon...

But.. first... RIP my 2 week vacation... Otakuthon 2019 was amazing, will attend next year... Montreal, Quebec thought I didn't explore much... great city though some don't like Credits Cards... ahh well. Everytime I go to a convention the more I like to be a staff member or maybe workshop panelist (like making one for StepMania Anime Simfiles Play room maybe. need to buy/rent equipment for that though 🙁 money issues atm)...
Then finish off at home...
Working on these last few simfiles in the past few days for you all... Thanks for the long wait but at the end I didn't delivery my last 500 series pack Cessation 451-500... Delaying it and who knows I'll get back to it. aiming dual releases. Thanks to the 60 people for the poll at my Facebook page to which of my Stepmania pack I should be from now on when the 500 series is done (not yet, soon though). Now you can get what you wish for in September 😉

Alright back to reality... To the Job I am working my debt to be erased from existence HAHA... See you soon... May work some simfiles after work and definitely on my days off... Motivation rising.! hehe.

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

1 month 57 minutes ago

Vinland Saga ED / ヴィンランド・サガ ED (2019)

Duration: 1:25

BPM: 82-164 (1 Change)

:begstep: 11 MSD + 10 (554 [6.49])
:easystep: 3 (83 [0.97])
:medstep: 5 (140 [1.64])
:hardstep: 7 (237 [2.77])
:chlgstep: 10 (346 [4.05])

Download (29 MB):

Summer 2019 Pack

Aimer's ED Torches tomorrow? Yea? Yeah?! alright, sigh.
Well it's today... one of the easy files but 😀 Aimer... >:D amazing voice!

What next? My favorite new Anime series (non-sequel) this season? sure? why not?

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

1 month 23 hours ago

Survive Said The Prophet
Vinland Saga OP / ヴィンランド・サガ OP (2019)

Duration: 1:27

BPM: 75 - 150 (2 Changes)

:begstep: 14 MSD + 10 (828 [9.33])
:easystep: 4 (116 [1.31])
:medstep: 7 (213 [2.40])
:hardstep: 10 (340 [3.83])
:chlgstep: 16 (572 [6.45])

Download (28.8 MB):

Summer 2019 Pack

2nd simfile today... I'm on a roll... should go for three?... mm I guess not. Tomorrow? yea? yeah?! okay. !@#$ me! HAHA

So the screamo part grew on me after non-stop repeat playback lmao and I gave it a shot to make it and now here we are... Enjoy all!
Aimer's ED Torches tomorrow? Yea? Yeah?! alright, sigh.

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

1 month 1 day ago

Suda Keina / 須田景凪
Enen no Shouboutai ED / 炎炎ノ消防隊 ED (2019)

Duration: 1:27

BPM: 75 - 150 (1 Change)

:begstep: 12 MSD + 10 (731 [8.38])
:easystep: 3 (88 [1.01])
:medstep: 5 (171 [1.96])
:hardstep: 9 (306 [3.51])
:chlgstep: 13 (470 [5.39])

Download (32.4 MB):

Summer 2019 Pack

So... This creep'd up to my favourite ED theme after that episode 6 of Princess Hibana & Iris' backstory... 🙁 flamey stuff... then ED song came in and I got addicted to it and eventually we are here. :-*

Also... Sorry, I am delaying 451-500 indefinitely... Can't resist doing Summer 2019 anime songs anymore ARGH... dual pack release before Fall2019>? maybe SIGH :eek:.

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

1 month 1 week ago

sky & blue
Black Clover OP8 / ブラッククローバー OP8 (2017)

Duration: 1:29

BPM: 157

:begstep: 13 MSD + 10 (885 [9.94nps])
:easystep: 4 (116 [1.3nps])
:medstep: 7 (213 [2.39nps])
:hardstep: 11 (367 [4.12nps])
:chlgstep: 14 (502 [5.64nps])

Download (28.6 MB):

Summer 2019 Pack

On the trend on Black Clover OP must make simfiles oath? I... mm did I approved this oath? huh?
anyways, after listening to it on repeat god who knows how many times... I grew on liking it now. HAHA Simfile Creation Magic...

I'll be away from the computer for a while I'll be attending Otakuthon2019.
I have my name (Jubo) on the premium badge so yeah, if you see me... feel free to stop me and say hi 😛

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

1 month 1 week ago

インフェルノ / Inferno
Enen no Shouboutai OP / 炎炎ノ消防隊 OP (2019)

Duration: 1:29

BPM: 93 - 185 (8 Changes)

:begstep: 13 MSD + 10 (820notes [9.19nps])
:easystep: 4 (124notes [1.93nps])
:medstep: 8 (239notes [2.68nps])
:hardstep: 10 (346notes [3.88nps])
:chlgstep: 15 (539notes [6.04nps])

Download: (29 MB)

Welcome to Summer 2019, first simfile of this new pack format of mine... Enjoy!

Requested from plenty of people.

don't worry, or maybe... Still working on 451-500 Cessation... Just not as fast I wanted it to be and Transition to Summer Season Animes kind of errr killed me... Catching up and LoL-TFT occupied my time too HAHA.

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

1 month 2 weeks ago

Almost done data plotting... one more pack to go...

Oh wait... that's the one I'm working on 👻

See you really! soon...

-- I am on Vacation for 2 weeks... expect something... Oh right Otakuthon 2019 is coming I am attending... See ya there?

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

1 month 3 weeks ago

Aikyoku Simfiles Release!!! 1/2 today...

Bungou Stray Dogs OP3... 🙂 I knew Aikyoku will do one 😀 good stuff. ED3 is released too... Share that in maybe 11hrs from now or look forward to it Otaku's Dream - Stepmania in ~8hrs

enjoy everyone...

Title: Setsuna no Ai
Subtitle: Bungou Stray Dogs OP3
Difficulty: 2/3/6/9/11

Late release from previous season…
3rd season of Bungou Stray Dogs is great! I love how they adapted Fifteen arc for the first three episode, that surprised me! It went on the similar format from the 2nd season. I think I prefer 2nd season better but it’s still great! OP is good too! GRANRODEO back at it again!

Btw, I have updated the previous seasons OPs and EDs simfiles. Links for the Bungou Stray Dogs OPs simfiles will be included here while the next post will include links for the EDs simfiles.
BSD OP2 – Reason Living:

Ending song coming up next!
Hope you enjoy!
- Aikyoku

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

1 month 3 weeks ago

Alright... going faster than I expected it to be... My extensive endurance of inputting data has exceeded my patience LMAO~!

151-300 New Era in progress 😀

Fun Fact... This is the first pack I included Jackets 😉 though no Main Jacket pack sadly 🙁 also an organized naming scheme omfg this was easier than 001-150 sigh... and not much extra songs in this pack either, only 6? it was during my college years too so, though stressful dropped out sigh. also this pack I geared away from fancy TEXT graphical work... and limited to PAD Steps on several songs.

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

1 month 4 weeks ago

small update...

I am in process on making datasheet for all my simfiles... may take forever to finish... but at least it has started 😀

And sorry again, It seems I am on break from simfiles making again... I need to get back... get the flow stepping back soon...

Cya again next update...

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

2 months 1 week ago

Sorry guys... no update for a couple of days...

I am currently on exclusivity mode on the 451-500 Batch... So no release for a while... Looking like near the end of August I'll be releasing this...

That is if I am not playing LoL TeamFightTactics daily yeah... I like playing TFT, but it is getting a little non-interesting past few days for me so I am kind of reverting back to stepmania normal again as time passes by 😛

As for the Summer 2019 Anime... Oh man there are plenty of OP/ED songs I love to do... if you did message me on them, I hear/readed your msg, But here is the thing...
I am currently... ramping/concluding/cessation(ugetthepointonthetitleofthispack?) my 500 series pack... and I am like what to do next? continue the number series? or do something else... plus still doing the 451-500 batch pack and umm yah... errr...

I am leaning towards doing a seasonal pack... Winter Spring Summer Fall Pack... like Jubo Simfiles presents SeasonalName Anime 2019... So going Bi-Seasonal... Winter+ Spring and Summer+Fall? no ID numbers...
If not in the current season anime or non-anime will still be included as extras on separate folder? remove Anime in the name?
I got some time to decide on this, may need some input from all of you, put up a poll too, and as usual comment below too...

2019 August will be my "Vacation" Month! except 1st week, work week. My birthday is there 11th 😛 and then I'll be attending Otakuthon 2019 weee~! can't wait... I really wanted to attend Anirevo: Summer 2019 but cost of Vancouver is WOAH~!
then some days or a week time off then Fanexpo At The Metro Toronto Convention Center but most likely might not go? But who knows...

So yeah... in a couple days or a week I'll decide what to do on Summer 2019 Anime OP/ED songs... and will be continuing on the 500 Series Finalization ... 😀

Also recevied another Donation... Thanks Victor S.
Well that concludes my song list 😛 surprise you on Victor's songs on the batch release maybe in 2019 August?

Cya all later, maybe next week on new update?
Have A Great Week...