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2 weeks 4 days ago

Yeah... Missing for a while. Miss me? I hope not. There are other Simfile Creators out there! haha.

Alright, I appear now to announce... my.




Coming back to do something for StepMania once again. haha sorry! I'm teasing for an outcome for many are looking forward to positively or negatively about? *coughs*retirement*chokes*.

Next Month, August is my annual birthday month and as usual, which includes my vacationing month for me. Mostly, I stay home do a bunch of simfiles that you guys request on reddit subreddit on r/StepMania ( just like last year) so look forward to it. If you looking for a song to be step on. I'll gladly step it, sorta? lol.

Right, why I haven't done anything for simfile releases since June 3rd, 2021? uhhh... I practically just ignore StepMania (just shut it out from everyway possible for long as possible until now atm.) and Minecraft new patch came out... and also I tried out other games... and realize I suck on Apex Legends jeez I'm really bad. Superbad. Bought many nintendo switch games, uhh... I regret it but I have to live with it now sigh. buying more later sigh. and family bonding times, after these covid times once I got vaccinated. (I'm going to be fully vaccinated, 2nd dose, this week too! Yay...). Some hololive streams when I can catch it. Addicted to listening/watching Trash Taste podcast and the members' content, CDawgVA, Gigguk and TheAn1meMan. Connor, Garnt and Joey's stuff. Yah killer to keep up. plus my usual WAN Show + LinusTechTips Channels my usual Youtube daily watching during my work hours and off days. yah you know my routine now other than StepMania.

Anyways, I see you next month with your fascinating requested songs (should be at the top of the page thread in the next month)... or soon with a return of a simfile releasing by me later this week? hololive maybe? or my own specialty anime songs!!! Right back to basics. Rusted StepMania user again and again.

BTW, try out Virtual Youtuber Pad Pack. Enjoy it all!

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2 weeks 4 days ago

Thanks Sereypich T. for the donation. I appreciate the thanks for my works. Enjoy it.

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

1 month 2 weeks ago

Sad to see hololive member Kiryuu Coco to graduate (aka retire)... She explosively "cross cultural pollination" to us English viewers. With that till July 1st 2021, the date she'll be "gone" and final goodbye stream (I assume and I hope she'll be the managers of holoEN gen2 mates.)
Thanks Coco for the EN hololive and I loved her over-hyped karaoke streams, oh man so fun!

Lets make some hololive stuff till then, shall I, lmao. Sigh, F-me. Maybe some breaks in between this month, hololive month for Jubo. aww man time has come, toki wa kita.

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania posted a video to playlist 2021 Simfiles — watching Dr. STONE.

1 month 3 weeks ago

森美声 / Hatena - 声?[こえだけが] / Koe dake ga
[ ドクターストーン / Dr.STONE Stone Wars ED (2021) ]

Download (88.7 MBs)

1:27 Duration
170 BPM
14 MSD + 10 (804 [9.17]) 4 (109 [1.24]) 7 (209 [2.38]) 10 (336 [3.83]) 14 (493 [5.62])

Mini-Burnout Recovery Time
sigh... okay. Yosh~!

I believe this goes out specifically to Mist_Shark at Twitter and Twitch... Thanks for the reminder... I really Love the ED theme of Dr. STONE Stone Wars aka Season 2... more than OP lol... So shout out to him 😀

Uhhhh... since I had a small break... Missed my target goal of weekly releases. haha jeez.
Anyways See you in the next one...

Most likely... previous season OP/ED or This Season's OP/ED only got like maybe 2-3 songs I still considering to make for sure.
or another hololive song hahaha~!

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

1 month 3 weeks ago

No simfile release for days, what happen??? Mini-Burnout 🥵
BTW today, early simfile release somewhere... G-Sheets.

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania posted a video to playlist 2021 Simfiles.

2 months 1 week ago

森美声 / Mori Calliope - Dawn Blue
[ ホロライブ / hololive Alternative PV (2021) ]

Download (74.2 MBs)

1:43 Duration
196 BPM
15 MSD + 10 (910 [8.78]) 4 (135 [1.30]) 9 (293 [2.83]) 12 (420 [4.05]) 16 (576 [5.56])

hololive anime! YES!?
mmm exciting.

Ok Speed steps... I should call myself StepsPlease, maybe I should name that in the 2021 pack. hahaha... anyways enjoy...

Vaccine side-effects are gone woooo~! but I gotta go back to work now so awww... ain't a 4 simfile week. But at least 2 simfiles released 🙂
and hololive simfile release by me what... SPEEED Steps~! I know you want more? damn. I'm ran out of time.

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania posted a video to playlist 2021 Simfiles.

2 months 1 week ago

中野家の五つ子 / Nakano-ke no Itsutsugo - 五等分のカタチ / Go-Toubun no Katachi
[五等分の花嫁∬ / The Quintessential Quintuplets 2 / Go-Toubun no Hanayome ∬ OP (2021) ]

Download (64.8 MBs)

1:29 Duration
158 BPM
13 MSD + 10 (688 [7.71]) 4 (117 [1.31]) 8 (242 [2.71]) 10 (354 [3.97]) 13 (471 [5.28])

Donation Request Prioritization
Thanks to the donators: Joseph M. for prioritization and LemonWarlord for the initial request.

Also please do check out TOMOKI's Simfile too
TOMOKI's charts are more geared KB than PAD so keep that in mind when playing it.

this was release early too! on the google sheets too... Oh man I'm so secretive hehe.

Uhhh... yes. ED theme soon... it was about to be done but hololive cause me to go somewhere else...
speaking of hololive... Alternative Teaser PV released and mymymy guess what I have done...

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2 months 1 week ago

加藤ミリヤ / Miliyah Kato feat. 吉田兄弟 / Yoshida Kyoudai - この夢が醒めるまで / Kono Yume ga Sameru made
[ ましろのおと / Those Snow White Notes / Mashiro no Oto ED (2021) ]

Download (56 MBs)

1:28 Duration
186 BPM
13 MSD + 10 (654 [7.37]) 3 (93 [1.05]) 6 (204 [2.30]) 10 (357 [4.02]) 13 (469 [5.29])

2021 Spring Anime Season WIP...
Released back in 2021 May 15th due to uhhh.. unknown reasons, Google Sheet Exclusive release 😛

Uhhh... one of the songs I liked initially and impressions at the start of the season due to the shamisen instrument and the similarities of the previous seasons, kono oto tomare! which I do need to make OP2/ED2 of huh? also, OP1 and maybe OP2 oh gawd kinda a downgrade from previous OP1. yikes?

Anyways yah delayed sorry... and I got COVID19 vaccinated feeling the side-effects now and trying my best to create some simfiles... let see at the end of the week I can get something for all of you 🙂

See Ya Later

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

2 months 1 week ago

Hey all, this week will be an odd week. or maybe an usual? unlike 4 simfiles last week. haha did you enjoy that?

Uhh.. today, I am finally getting my COVID19 Vaccine shot along with my family members the long awaited appt.. I'm hoping to not get so much of the side-effect(s) from it, but if I do encounter it, I might stay home a bit longer away from work then huh. Meaning more simfiles? hehe. right?

Alright, this week I'll try to get more of the previous seasonal backlogs (donated song requests too. if possible) done than what's new this season... surprisingly not many requested on it huh lol (just watch Jubo, someone will do it! HAHA, !@#$)

If you haven't or did notice on my google sheet page that I've a simfile release, secretly?, there. Its good you found out lol otherwise I'll release that here in facebook when I feel like it... I dunno why I'm delaying it... but eventually will post here, and Twitter too... I didn't mention I also post on Twitter these days... I'm trying to expand more. huh?

Anyways enjoy your week everyone. May 2-4 weekend too.

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

2 months 2 weeks ago

Thanks Joseph M. who Donated.
The Quintessential Quintuplets 2 OP+ED to be prioritized more.
-Okay Next Week? I hope?-

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania posted a video to playlist 2021 Simfiles — watching To Your Eternity.

2 months 3 weeks ago

宇多田ヒカル / Utada Hikaru - PINK BLOOD
[ 不滅のあなたへ / To Your Eternity / Fumetsu no Anata e OP (2021) ]

Download (70.6 MBs)

1:28 Duration
100 BPM
12 MSD + 10 (685 [7.85]) 4 (104 [1.17]) 6 (179 [2.01]) 9 (280 [3.14]) 13 (469 [5.25])

2021 Spring Anime Season WIP...
Another one that blow my mind, plus UTADA HIKARU doing an Anime theme OP/ED WAT~! must do!

I released this on my spreadsheet for one day... exclusively... aka I finished it before I needed to sleep for work (this time I did went to work HAHA)...
Yah, Why do I do that crunch-time thing before I have to sleep for work. ARGH!~
4 simfiles releases this week, are you happy 🙂 5th when? I doubt it. I'm back to work. will I do one more? ahh mmm~! most likely nope.
Also this simfile was calling for 200 bpm? uhh no. Doesn't feel like it at all. LMAO~!

I hope you enjoy this chaotic song... it was pretty unique and hard,,, like most of her, Utada Hikaru's songs but sooo good to step too and when done right I get people will like it for sure. 🙂
I haven't forgot Kingdom Hearts 2 Opening... I set its release end of this year, I hope!~
This time for sure... See you next week~! Have a good one all.

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania posted a video to playlist 2021 Simfiles — watching Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou desu.

2 months 3 weeks ago

結城アイラ / Yuuki Aira - Blessing
[ 聖女の魔力は万能です / The Saint's Magic Power Is Omnipotent / Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou Desu OP (2021) ]

Download (63.4 MBs)

1:28 Duration
80-160 BPM (2 Changes)
10 MSD + 10 (469 [5.28]) 3 (76 [0.86]) 5 (144 [1.62]) 7 (219 [2.46]) 8 (276 [3.11])

2021 Spring Anime Season WIP...
well wow this show impressed me the holy saint out of me...

Yooo... this, here. Anime is pretty sleeper hit or underrated + unwatched for sure this season... I like it.
Its like many of the reverse-isekai-[harem opt] out there (like Isekai-Bookworm and Akagami no Shirayuki-hime combination) but a really great female MC, Sei.
2 great MC role models this season jeez. (the other one being HigeHiro's Yoshida)

Lmao, the preview video gameplay, the BPM changes is going to radical with A-Mods so it will be more better on X-mods low levels and M-mods. lol, C-mods you are good my friends lol. sorry about that.

Okay alright need to sleep lmao why am I doing this on my 1st day of work jeez later all...
Am I going to work tonight? eee.

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania posted a video to playlist 2021 Simfiles — watching Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui.

2 months 3 weeks ago

ACE COLLECTION - モノクロシティ / Monoqlo City
[ 恋と呼ぶには気持ち悪い / It`s Too Sick to Call this Love / KoiKimo / Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui OP (2021) ]

Download (67.6 MBs)

1:26 Duration
135 BPM
13 MSD + 10 (722 [8.33]) 4 (99 [1.14]) 6 (200 [2.31]) 9 (317 [3.66]) 15 (528 [6.09])

2021 Spring Anime Season WIP...
Catchy song. Beats are banging indeed. vocals are alright, rarely I like male vocals lol! One thing I got a gripe is how they no show a piano/keyboardist in their MV which kind of went a bit huh weird.

I originally want to release OP and ED on the same day well, a day late...
I couldn't finish this in time yesterday... got sleepy at the last few measures of the chlg/expert chart. HAHA but after that there is a KB Chart on Beginner/Novice so yah I gave in to sleep lmao...
I finished it now the next day. mind you I have overnight schedule in the North American time zone (EST). HAHAHA fun,.

Enjoy! I hoping I can finish another one today... if not have a good one...
see you next week? maybe...

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania posted a video to playlist 2021 Simfiles — watching Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui.

2 months 3 weeks ago

まるりとりゅうが / MaRuRi to Ryuuga - リナリア / Rinaria
[ 恋と呼ぶには気持ち悪い / It`s Too Sick to Call this Love / KoiKimo / Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui ED (2021) ]

Download (57.8 MBs)

1:28 Duration
132 BPM
10 MSD + 10 (544 [6.15]) 3 (93 [1.05]) 6 (182 [2.06]) 8 (279 [3.16]) 10 (355 [4.02])

2021 Spring Anime Season WIP...
Yoooo... This song made me melt... and love it mymy...
the vocals and that mmmmmwow guitar and drum steady beat part AHHHH just great, like a flashback memory entered! then after burst woosh~! yah. emotional song behind this.

Also, the Anime is also very interesting and I do like it. Sort of "generic" but it great to watch a season or more gap of all these isekai animes and shounen... oh my. Also kind of that age of older person liking younger age sorta thing. Jeez the theme for this season is that right? Hige wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou. anyone? simfile of it? maybe.

I wish the I can express that emotional feel listening to this song to my step chart of this... I felt I done it okay but it is just... mmmm whatcha call it... lacking of something. I let you decide.

Did I mention I love ED song 🙂 play count just keeps rising... lol

wait, there is more OP after this!

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

2 months 3 weeks ago

Thanks to Eugene B.
for the donation
Simfile release(s) soon.

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

3 months 1 day ago

Thanks to Samantha H. & Alec M. (again!) for the donations.
I appreciate it.
More thoughts in comments 😄

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania posted a video to playlist 2021 Simfiles — watching My Hero Academia.

3 months 6 days ago

the peggies - 足跡 / Ashiato
[僕のヒーローアカデミア / My Hero Academia / HeroAca / BnHA / Boku no Hero Academia S5ED1 (2021) ]

Download (66.3 MBs)

1:28 Duration
164 BPM
13 MSD + 10 (743 [8.37]) 4 (119 [1.34]) 7 (239 [2.69]) 10 (354 [3.99]) 14 (483 [5.44])

Hello 2021 Spring Anime Season
the peggies! yes~!

HeroAca is back season 5... OP? when? I dunno? HAHA...
Where's my Season 4 OP2? ED2? mmm?... pending.

off-schedule release.. huh? I am working at my overnight essential worker job while leisurely making simfiles...
Ahh good times huh, Jubo LMAO
See you next time...

Enjoy~! Stay safe and be careful out there.

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania posted a video to playlist 2021 Simfiles — watching So I’m a Spider, So What?

3 months 1 week ago

鈴木このみ / Suzuki Konomi - Bursty Greedy Spider
[ 蜘蛛ですが, なにか? / So I`m a Spider, So What? / Kumo Desu ga, Nanika? OP2 (2021) ]

Download (68.5 MBs)

1:25 Duration
90-180 BPM (4 Changes)
13 MSD + 10 (684 [8.05]) 4 (117 [1.38]) 6 (207 [2.44]) 10 (288 [3.39]) 12 (413 [4.86])

Hello 2021 Spring Anime Season
W-w-w-wait a second... Is that... Suzuki Konomi!!! OMFG must do!

As you can see I am a Suzuki Konomi fan... love her music.
Last I heard she had throat surgery and I was bummed that she couldn't do Re:Zero S2P2 OP but that's ok health is important. But this I didn't know out of no where? I don't follow to closely other than musical things than obsession of personal life.
So what Anisong she does surely I'll show up to make one. (missed a few in the past that Huzure did and the other one... Madan no Ou to Vanadis OP... Should I do them? ^-^ complete my anisong Suzuki Konomi discology collection? mmm tough task.)

BANGER of a song as always makes me like listen time to time (unlike Blue Clapper hint for next hololive simfile lol)

OP1 is also amazingly great too by Azuna Riko (who I did some simfiles in the past too) yet I am late to the party create a simfile on... huh.
Same goes with ED1+2 of Yuuki Aoi oh spider me crazy on those songs... Yah I eventually will make one.

Don't worry Slime-isekai songs in the list... same goes BnHA/HeroAca S05OP1 and S5ED1 AMAZING the Peggies. S04OP2+ED2 is silently added too. in the list to do this season... sigh.
Then there others intrigue my interest Mashiro no Oto OP+ED, YES!

Off to a late start... never ending falling behind on stuff I would like to do.

Special Thanks to Samantha H. who donated 2021-04-19 Thanks!
I'll try to look into making Tower of God OP+ED. Sorry won't be anytime soon 🙁

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

3 months 2 weeks ago

How do you guys feel about "Speed Steps" or "Fast Simfiles"?
aka something like HorribleSubs/SubsPlease but StepMania Simfiles, lmao! Single-person team.

LOL, long ago I wanted to change my pack name to HorribleSteps, I guess I can adapt to what is now StepsPlease...
Maybe I should name that this year... 2021.

Jubo's StepsPlease 2021? 🤣

- Sidenotes...
Still doing the collab thing on my next days off.
Last week... ahhh wasted 1 day because my whole entire building was power down due to electricity upgrades. Meaning no power for the whole 10hrs when I was awake, urgh! But I watched Jojo's Bizarre Adventure part 1? (stopped ep 22) 🙂
Yeah that kind of put me off schedule to do some new stuff. So yah may not release a simfile again this week. Collab stuff again. need to finish that off.

During my workdays after are all the new series/season animes coming out. keeping track on what to do.

Have good week.

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

3 months 3 weeks ago

As I approach my 2 days off from work... I am debating if I should release[ a] simfile(s) this week.
But if I do. It'll be one, lmao. then out of nowhere 2 simfiles releases. HAHA. 😏🤔

The reason why... I really need to work on some simfiles that requires some "collaborative" effort which I promise to do. So Yeah, I kinda procrastinating too long I realize I really need to work on it. hehe stupid me. so yes look forward to that... Not really too involved with tho... like maybe 25% of it 🙂

Alright... New Anime Season, Spring 2021... Will see what I can do while I am still stuck the !@#$ amazing winter 2021 season STACKED. Yah... I kind of hate this time of transitional seasonal change of anime lmao.

Till then, you all have a great week. happy easter! have a peko day.

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania posted a video to playlist 2021 Simfiles — watching Beastars.

3 months 4 weeks ago

YOASOBI - 優しい彗星 / Yasashii Suisei
[ BEASTARS S2 ED (2021) ]

Download (62.5 MBs)

1:25 Duration
90-180 BPM (4 Changes)
13 MSD + 10 (684 [8.05]) 4 (117 [1.38]) 6 (207 [2.44]) 10 (288 [3.39]) 12 (413 [4.86])

Winter 2021 Anime Season Best yet!
Spring 2021 Anime Season here we start...

!@#$ me I am not done with last season yet alone spring!? yikes I'm falling behind lol!

Need sleep. May edit this later... OMG so late, haha my sleep schedule!

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

4 months 1 hour ago

More Aikyoku Simfiles... more Jujutsu Kaisen!

Have fun... I may release a simfile today... maybe?

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

4 months 15 hours ago

Aikyoku beat me to it on Jujutsu Kaisen OP2+ED2 🙂
Nice! I like it.

TBH, I didn't like either of OP2+ED2 so its fine by me that Aikyoku has done it 🙂

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania

4 months 1 day ago

Thank you for your hard work!
-Kiara D
Thanks for donation! 🥰

Jubo Simfiles Stepmania is feeling thankful.

4 months 3 days ago

Thanks Alec M. for Donation
"thank you for the hard work. how about attack on titan final season OP? thanks again!"
- Oh boi~! Ok.