Donation Page

If you like my works and feel like contributing in some [aka money] way… This is not necessary but by sharing my works with others will do.

A PayPal donation will provide me some relief on paying the webhost/VPS (not a lot, my daily life job occupation provides me enough to pay it, but it does provide and show support from all of you that what I am doing is all good to all of you, at least!). Also this keeps the downloads alive and also Otaku’s Dream Mix too btw~! And not so intrusive ADs to your face, only ads on the forums which are (DreamHost and Play-Asia which ain’t too bad)

For over 10 plus years on creating simfiles (Since 2005?) and the option on asking for donations ain’t really my thing. Asking for it is totally not great since I am doing stuff aren’t my own creation (the globally copyright issues…) but the exception to this are steps created. But I would love to contribute things that I like watching to and listening to. By doing that StepMania/Outfox creation stepping is my own way on contributing and advertising to everyone to watch or listen on the original content/source creators. Since I never ask for donation(s) over the years doing simfiles creation work which I normally do them on my free-time and off-hours of my daily (overnight EST/UTC-5) job. There are certain few (2-3 people on the record, okay nvm many MANY of you!) over the past years who love to contribute, donated and love my works. I would love to thanked them and which I did something in return, try to that is…

So, with that said Maybe I can do something in return if you want… I can do at least 1 song in your listed requested songs in the notes you provide when donating. 😀

Please include a list of songs you want me to do. The least I can do for you. If none, I really appreciate just throwing you generosity for creations. Also please put your alias/nickname to display the pages/videos.
Totally optional!!! Not requirement at all. I appreciate it!

Thanks! I truly appreciate it!

Once you have donated, you will be taken to the Google Forms to fill out your song requests, if you do have one or none then I appreciate it either way…
And hopefully, I can included in the simfiles pack of the current year you donated 😀
if not then next or next the years… eventually will be completed at some point in my life or not, eh?,
Sorry if that happens 🙁

You’ll be in my page of wall of special thanks!